LC.D / Lorenzo Cataldi Design

I have worked in the fields of publishing graphics and video production since high school and during all my academic studies in philosophy. This gave me the opportunity to acquire transversal skills: from art to linguistics, from aesthetics to science up to coding.

In the last 10 years of my career I have focused on the design and development of web applications, finding in them the ideal synthesis between the passion for the code and all the skills acquired over years of study and work.

Brief professional history

I started my professional adventure during the last years of high school, with a valid evening course of editorial graphics offered cheaply by the municipality of Rome; in a school where I stayed another two years, attending a photography course.

With the first skills acquired and some friends - more or less always different - we do in the order:

  • a brand of clothing (first glorious failure).
  • an artistic collective the P-Gruppe based in Perugia, which was a precious experience.
  • an organization of electronic music events, BreakEuphoria, which, in collaboration with various clubs, gave us some economic satisfaction.
  • an independent filmmaking production company, the Jolierouge Film Crew which produced 5 brave short films, before dissolving with honor.

During the degree course in philosophy, I work on a project basis for different realities, from publishing houses to event organizations, producing: magazines, books, flyers, catalogs, logos and more. I’m starting to get interested in the computer code during my graduate studies, and in 2010 I attend a course whose title - after a few years, I confess, embarrasses me a bit - was that of “webmaster”.

At the beginning of 2012, shortly after graduating with honors, I joined a real estate start-up, CasaNoi, where I stayed for 4 years and in which I was lucky enough to work alongside two top-level companies : Following and Tangible (at the time Ideato and GNV & Partners), from which I learned, not only the correct practices to follow, but also the culture necessary to develop digital products.

With the tools I acquired in this first experience, I design and develop together with a friend and colleague the application, Climb.World, and fund the BeeClimber association with other friends.

Currently I am able to manage the entire creative process: starting from the first sketches on paper, continuing with high-fidelity prototypes, to arrive - finally - to draft the code, front-end side.

I live in Rome and work at the Millepiani Urban Center in Via Niccolò Odero, 13 (MB Garbatella).

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