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The Philosophy Paperboy is a service dedicated to professors, students and philosophy enthusiasts around the world. Born from an idea of Andrea Raimondi – my friend and colleague of studies – The Philosophy Paperboy collects the feeds of all academic philosophical journals, providing the user with the updated list in real time of all publications at the global level.

To put the project MVP online as soon as possible and with minimal energy expense, we have decided to hack a WordPress plug-in to aggregate RSS feeds and develop around it a dedicated theme. For the graphic design we opted for a minimalist line, which was as simple as possible, because of the vast user target, without sacrificing the right touch of color.

Looking at the project, still in beta, there is a lively sense of a world of culture that is constantly fermented with dozens of daily publications and you perceive, almost with your hand, the loud noise of ideas in a dimension of knowledge that does not stop and will never cease to influence the future of the planet.

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