The Carillon

When I started working on this project, I found myself in front of a very determined person who knew well what she needed, because Elisa has worked with children for several years and has thus accumulated the experience needed to bring her business to a new level. She start renting a large room for her business and she asked me to make the corporate image and a WordPress with a dedicated graphic design that would make her appear in the mare magnum of ​​the web.

The corporate image

At our second meeting we were seated with a third person, the illustrator Marianeve Leveque. Elisa had picked up some of the illustrations we’ve included in the graphic design and one of them – a classic carillon with the horses – seemed to center exactly the point of the matter, Elisa had already decided a name I liked right away: the Carillon. So the logo had already been traced, as it certainly could not be a different thing.

A leab website to acquire users

Using the illustrations of Marianeve, I made the first prototypes with Photoshop coming to a simple, clean and readable layout where hand-drawn illustrations are alongside a series of vector icons. The aim was to help the user to quickly understand the context in which he is located and to help him navigate quickly between the offer. Lastly, since what is important is always – rightly – the lead, there is a call to action in all key pages that leads to an articulated form for requesting quotes.

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