Dedicated WordPress, being unique has no price

Customize your digital identity with a dedicated WordPress

Building and feeding your digital identity is one of the conditions for the success of your business. For this, if you want to do things seriously, you need to take needle and thread to sew your custom digital dress. With a personalized graphic design – dedicated to your business – we will not only build a unique, addictive user experience that is capable of maximizing your profits, but we will work first and foremost on your identity to design an immediate and unmistakable brand.

If you do not have very particular needs, WordPress is still the best solution since, by developing dedicated plug-ins, you can extend your features and meet different customization needs. This way you have all the advantages of going online with the best CMS in the market. Also advisable for small e-commerce.

At WordPress we will design and develop a personalized graphic design (a WordPress theme), suitable for any device and designed solely on the basis of your needs. We will work on designing your graphic design together, sharing the prototypes of your site made in Photoshop and collectively discussing the best solutions. Only after receiving your approval on all prototypes will we pass on the code writing, which you will be the owner of.

There will also be training, personally or via Skype, to use all of these tools, devoting some of the lessons to the SEO. Additionally, we will join you in the inclusion of the first content, up to the online publication and beyond.


  • Domain Name Guide
  • Server Configuration
  • WordPress Configuration and Basic Plug-ins
  • Designing dedicated graphics
  • Theme Development and Plug-in for WordPress
  • Configuring traffic analysis systems
  • WordPress management training and traffic analysis
  • First content insertion
  • Assistance 1 month on management, 6 months on bugs
  • Logo creation (aside)

WordPress Dedicated from: 2.400 €

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