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Enopanorama, is a company on the market for over 30 years. As all the best companies have been able to innovate and transform over time, articulating their core business across different markets. Enopanorama started distributing a careful selection of wines throughout Italy and contributing substantially to the development of Italian food and wine culture with its monthly publications.

Over time it has been able to seize new business opportunities by becoming the largest distributor in the center of Italy for Nespresso. Now that the company is well-established, its CEO has asked us to give new life to the wine section, overwhelmed in recent years by the new business organization.

Step by step in the web

With a limited stock of high-quality wines but with great price and with the intention of investing a good figure, we decided to process an e-commerce via WordPress with the extension of Woocommerce, avoiding to use, for now, Magento.

We’ve worked out a dedicated graphic design with custom features and came up with a cool, bright, easy-to-navigate site with all the features needed for the best e-commerce.

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