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In our way of seeing the world of sport climbing is a universe of needs to which there can be no adequate response. For this reason, with Francis Rossi, we decided to test ourselves in a complex undertaking: to create the instrument able to respond to all these needs.

From wireframe to code: design a lean user experience for the complexity

We spent more than three months on paper. Designed, shared, erased, redrawn again. We did face a multiplicity of demands and wishes with the aim to create a smooth and easy user experience, without sacrificing anything

Climb.World originale wireframes


Build an identity through the visual language

We have worked to instill distinctive elements in the project, so that it could be readily distinguishable and intuitive to use. We wanted a unique environment entirely devoted to the climber community, we wanted a place where you can feel at home! For this we have designed more than 50 icons, to make the whole user experience simple and intuitive.


Climb.World identity mood style

A continuous and modular development in dialogue with users

We developed the application using the Symfony framework, because of its flexibility and versatility. It took over backwards to put online a first beta version, and – from then on – we constantly adjusted and extended the code in a continuous dialogue with users. Over time they were made dozens of minor changes to meet all the needs.

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