• The Carillon

    When I started working on this project, I found myself in front of a very determined person who knew well what she needed, because Elisa has worked with children for several years and has thus accumulated the experience needed to bring her business to a new level. She start renting a large room for her […]

  • MilesBeyond homepage


    Behind MilesBeyond’s name comes a proven team of explorers with a wealth of experience that has decided to make a new job of their own passion. That’s why MilesBeyond is a project that has inspired us! With them we embarked on a step-by-step approach that will see our teams alongside as the company takes shape. […]

  • Enopanorama homepage


    Enopanorama, is a company on the market for over 30 years. As all the best companies have been able to innovate and transform over time, articulating their core business across different markets. Enopanorama started distributing a careful selection of wines throughout Italy and contributing substantially to the development of Italian food and wine culture with […]

  • Dentista Dk

    Dorokta is an esteemed dentist in Isernia, who had never had a site in many years of activity and had only a tiny image of the logo. When we met we did a series of photos in his studio and we grasped the idea behind his approach to the craft. With this information, we started […]

  • Homepage Ecostello Magliano Sabina

    Magliano Sabina eco Hostel

    The Magliano Sabina Hostel had an old website in WordPress: very slow, slightly navigable, less functional and full of plug-in. Together with the CasaNoi team, we have decided to redesign from the beginning and to rearrange their offer. A dedicated graphic design Since the ecOstello also had the ambition to promote tourism in the area, […]

  • The Philosophy Paperboy Homepage

    The Philosophy Paperboy

    The Philosophy Paperboy is a service dedicated to professors, students and philosophy enthusiasts around the world. Born from an idea of Andrea Raimondi – my friend and colleague of studies – The Philosophy Paperboy collects the feeds of all academic philosophical journals, providing the user with the updated list in real time of all publications […]

  • CasaNoi Blog homepage

    CasaNoi Blog

    CasaNoi is not just a web-site. The CasaNoi blog is a much visited place of exchange of information with questions / answers always up to date and accurate, to anticipate and solve problems related to the sale, the rent and, in general, to the management of the house. Many articles on “How to”, “Restructuring”, “Furniture”, […]

  • Climb.World homepage


    In our way of seeing the world of sport climbing is a universe of needs to which there can be no adequate response. For this reason, with Francis Rossi, we decided to test ourselves in a complex undertaking: to create the instrument able to respond to all these needs. From wireframe to code: design a […]

  • CasaNoi application Homepage


    CasaNoi.it is the real platform that changes the way you look, sell and rent house. CasaNoi gives the opportunity for those looking for house to publish a “Wanted advertisement” to receive real estate offers in line with their specific needs. Manage over time a Symfony application CasaNoi.it brainchild of Giuseppe Palombelli, who created the first […]

  • Sandro Beccaccioli homepage

    Sandro Beccaccioli

    Sandro Beccaccioli is a renowned professional who works for more than 35 years in the paint and decoration sector. Like many other companies also his business has suffered the effects of the crisis in recent years. When he came to us he had online an old site, not indexed and free of any CMS. With […]

  • MartBug homepage


    Martina Adami is a good blogger that deals with contemporary art. She asked me a cool website, simple and clean. We choose three colors and we enjoyed mixing them together. The result is a minimal and colorful website that enhances the images by putting them under the spotlight. A personal logo To give stronger and […]