CasaNoi application Homepage is the real platform that changes the way you look, sell and rent house. CasaNoi gives the opportunity for those looking for house to publish a “Wanted advertisement” to receive real estate offers in line with their specific needs.

Manage over time a Symfony application brainchild of Giuseppe Palombelli, who created the first version of the application with whom I have taken over after a period of coaching. With me the application was made responsive with an increase of 30% of mobile traffic, we also completed and finished different functions.

The home search-ads

With is the home to find you, where and how you want! For this we have developed the search-ad that allows you to receive offers of houses according to their wishes. Without wasting time watching thousands of listings.

Developed with, Combacio®, is the intelligent algorithm that matches people to the right house, work for you and find all matching demand and supply of houses, directly on the map.

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