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CasaNoi is not just a web-site. The CasaNoi blog is a much visited place of exchange of information with questions / answers always up to date and accurate, to anticipate and solve problems related to the sale, the rent and, in general, to the management of the house. Many articles on “How to”, “Restructuring”, “Furniture”, etc.

We started with a complex reorganization of contents

Earlier, blog articles were partly contained inside the CasaNoi portal, with a traffic dispersion which made it difficult to monetize the visits. We decided to concentrate traffic into one place, so as to capitalize as much as possible advertising revenue. We created a special post-type, the CasaNoi Guide where – with a redirect system application in Symfony – we transferred all the items from the portal to the blog.

A graphical layout for on-line advertising: Monthly income + 300%

With more than 150,000 monthly visits, CasaNoi blog represented an excellent opportunity to gain untapped. After a brief period of study, we have renewed the entire WordPress theme of the blog in order to make the most of that potential. We studied the best way to increase advertising spaces without losing visits on the site and, just put on-line, we have seen splashing revenues of only AdSense almost up to 300% more, and without losing users!


Advertising income growing
Advertising income growing

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