My Approach to web design

As a designer and developer, I follow a User-Centered Design Thinking to create a meaningful, engaging User Experiences.

Finding the route
Each project is a unique and unrepeatable path

Each project has unique features and each feature has to be understood in its proper way. For this reason each project is a unique and unrepeatable experience of research and develop, a small adventure.

Define the User Experience
A great user experience (UX) is more than a great user interface (UI)

The deep structure behind the visual aspect must reflect a correct understanding of the needs and desires of the users, identified through careful preliminary analysis. I am full aware that every little interaction counts.

Design and Build Prototypes
From low-fidelity pen sketch to high-fidelity, browser-based, prototypes

I start converting idea into quick low-fidelity wireframe, comparing with client and users, to develop the conclusive high-fidelity and browser-based prototypes.

Front-end Develop
Code is, first and foremost, a passion for formal languages

I love write clean and meaningful code, keeping in mind that code is destined for both machines and men. I write in different languages and with different frameworks, always keeping in mind the endless variety of the end devices.

Climbing report on Spigolo Sud-Est alla Punta della Rossa
Every single projects is a small mountain to climb, a unique adventure! (Image credits)

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